Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 9/10.

I have only been substitute teaching this year along with working in the proof department at Huntington Bank in the evenings. This, along with school , was a pretty easy balance, but last month I started working out a maternity leave in second grade so that combined with my bank job, home, school, and still trying to adjust to two teenagers in my home has left my time and sanity with little to spare. Thank goodness this week is spring break. I am frantically trying to play catch up with my school work and to spend time with my daughter. Whew. Come on summer!!!

Anyway. I have been working on my scratch project and know what I want to do. It is just trying to get my sprites to cooperate with me and for everything to flow correctly.
My game is going to be played using homophones. I looked up some games that others have created and found a few ideas that I would like to try and incorporate, but I also discovered what I do not want to do when I create my game. I hope that it will be easy enough for students in second grade to play and going to try and have my class play it when it is complete. I'll let you know when it is finished what they think.

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  1. This looks great Jessica! I'm looking forward to playing the final game!