Thursday, April 19, 2012

DEJ 11

"The rise in the popularity of computer games and developments in information and computer technologies more generally have resulted in a renewed awareness of the potentials of simulations and games among researchers interested in learning and cognition."

I agree with the author because its seems that more and more I am hearing or reading about the benefits or downfalls of video gaming. Now that there is the i-pad and other tablets with games that you can get through an app. I feel that more people who weren't playing games before now find themselves engaged in game play.

"It is the interactive and multimodal features of computer games that have been proposed as being particularly powerful in regard to learning."

My students love going to the computer lab on getting on learning websites like, StarFall, Odyssey, and Everyday Math. They are not only learning, but having fun while doing it. I have actually been doing an action research on students and game play and I feel like everything is positive and that my students are still learning even though they are playing games.

"Their solution to this problem has been to make use of interactive story telling techniques which are built into the design of various course materials."

I love this idea for students to use story telling to solve math problems. I don't know however, if it would be something that younger students would be able to use as much as older students. Younger students often have trouble trying to explain themselves and get a message across.

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