Thursday, April 19, 2012


Why should programming be part of school curriculum?

Programming should be a part of the school curriculum because computers are everywhere with all of the technology advancements, programming is going to be a career that will need to be filled. Programming is also a great way to show an individual's creativity. While many may not be musically or artistically advanced, programming can be a way for them to shine. The article states, " Through our observations at the Computer Clubhouse, we found that youth have an interest in videogames, music videos, cartoon animations, and interactive, designbased art, which are a natural springboard into creating and programming. We also realized that we needed to address support systems, in particular mentoring interactions in the Computer Clubhouse, to make learning and creative expressions the primary purpose of programming activities
and not just the acquisition of technology skills." I liked how the author put learning and creativity before technology skills because honestly I think that kids pick up the technology part pretty fast but just knowing where to harness their creativity is something that they do need to learn.

What are the barriers to implementing programming in schools? I feel that one of the biggest barriers with implementing programming in schools is that there may not be enough qualified teachers to be able to actually teach programming their students. " Our analyses revealed that while the Undergraduate mentors sustained various mentoring interactions ranging from teaching to learning, the prevalence of mentoring interactions that placed the mentor in the role of learner, observer or co-constructor – all roles which imply a more reciprocal and equitable relationship between mentor and mentees." It's great that the mentors can learn as well, but if they are going to teach this then I feel it is necessary to be ahead of what is being taught. Another barrier is funding. Many schools do not have the money to implement something like programming. It would take thousands of dollars to buy equipment and software as well as make sure there is a qualified teacher to teach the class.

How can barriers to implementing programming in schools be overcome?

Barriers can be overcome in school by presenting workshops and offering grants to help fun these projects.

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